Wednesday, June 4, 2014

benefits of papaya fruit

benefits of papaya fruit, Fruit of the popular cooking as "fruit of the table", except for dessert as well as supplying nutrients, especially vitamins A and C. Ripe papaya fruit is easily damaged need to be processed foods such as papaya juice, papaya lunkhead. In the food industry papaya is often used as raw materials (mixing) the tomato sauce to taste enhancer, color and vitamin content.

* In the food industry, its roots can be used as a cure kidney and bladder pain.
* The leaves as a cure malaria, stomach cramps and fever. Even the nice young leaves eaten and to increase appetite, as well as to cure the disease beri-beri and to arrange the chicken rations.
* Trunk young fruit and leaves contain a white latex that contains a protein-breaking enzymes called "papaine" so it can dissolve the meat for materials used in cosmetics and beverage industry (purification), pharmaceutical and textile industries.
* Flowers white papaya can be assembled and used as a "flower necklace" substitute jasmine or ointment is often made. The trunk can be used as animal feed mixer through the process of slicing and drying.

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