Friday, June 13, 2014

prescription to cure headache without drugs.

prescription to cure headache without drugs. headache activity are disturbing us, but if there is a headache, we are forced to find a cure, that as soon as possible to eliminate these headaches.
and finally we chose to take medicine that we do not like. frankly I'm including people who do not like drugs, let alone taste bitter. headaches usually occur due to: the uncertain weather, heat, dehydration, stress, nervousness, fever and other disorders of the body will usually cause pain in the head of the reaction.
The following are some tips, to relieve headaches without drugs:

  • sleep: sleep is one way to eliminate headache, because it can refresh the body.
  • black tea: black tea drink, because black tea contains antioxidants, which relieve pain head due to overheating.
  • Cold water: cold water can ease the tension in the head, glue behind the ears.
  • The last search for air fresh and rested.
recipe may help, good luck.

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