Friday, June 13, 2014

recipe for diarrhea, with guava leaves.

recipe for diarrhea, with guava leaves.
without being aware, that the fruits of plants around us is a recipe for making drugs, for example, guava leaves, these plants include plants that easy to obtain, but most people do not realize that, the benefits of guava leaves are very large. Fruit, leaves and bark of guava tree contains tannin, the flowers are not many containing tannin. Guava leaves also contain substances other than tannins, such as essential oils, ursolic acid, acid psidiolat, kratogolat acid, acid oleanolat, guajaverin acids and vitamins. The content of guava fruit (100 gr) - Calories 49 cal - Vitamin A 25 SI - 0.02 mg Vitamin B1 - Vitamin C 87 mg - 14 mg Calcium - 12.2 grams of carbohydrate - Phosphorus 28 mg - 1.1 mg Iron - Protein 0.9 mg - 0.3 grams Fat - 86 grams Water
prescription for treating diarrhea are as follows:
5 pieces of guava leaves.
tree trunks, bark and roots sufficiently.
I create:
all the ingredients with water boiled in about 1 liter to a boil, then wring it out to take water.
in drink two times a day, morning and afternoon.
good luck.

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