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Top Tips for Natural Mole Removal Remedies

Top Tips for Natural Mole Removal Remedies
There are hundreds of natural remedies when it comes to removing an unwanted mole from your body. While there are many alternatives available, more and more people are opting for natural mole removal remedies. Natural mole removal remedies are the cheaper solution to painful surgery.

Typically, the individual would apply an over the counter cream made particularly for mole removal and after time the mole will disappear, or the patient may opt for mole removal surgery such as laser therapy Nowadays people are becoming aware of the option to remove their moles using natural ingredients and best of all these natural remedies can be attempted at home.

Venturing down this route is far more appealing as many people are scared by surgical procedures and by the risk of having a scar left after surgery. One method that is very effective is apple cider vinegar. Soak a cotton ball in the apple cider vinegar and apply this to the mole, cover with a bandage and to allow the apple cider to work its magic. Repeat this procedure up to three times a day and you will begin to notice the mole disappearing as the acids in the vinegar shrink the mole. The effects of this treatment will be visible after 2 weeks when the mole begins to scab and then eventually fall off.

Castor oil and baking soda is also brilliant for removing moles. To begin this treatment the mole must first have castor oil applied to the area two times a day for two days in order to initially soften the mole. The next step is to mix castor oil with the baking soda into a paste which may look a lot like gum. Apply the paste to the mole and cover it with a bandage and leave this attached overnight. Repeat this procedure every night until the mole is gone.

Other remedies include the banana peel trick. Simply rub the banana peel over the mole; you may want to cover this area with a bandage so that the peel does not rub off. Repeat this process for several days or until the mole fall off. Aloe Vera gel is also an effective mole remover; this can also be used to soothe the area while you are treating the mole with another home removal remedy such as the castor oil treatment.

It is true that there are many ways to remove moles with many different options available. Natural mole removal remedies are fast becoming the more popular solution as you remove the risk of scarring and avoid the pain factor involved with surgery. You are able to perform these remedies in the comfort of your own home and you don't have to spend a fortune like you would with over the counter treatments of surgical Nicola Milne


  1. These tips for Natural Mole Removal remedies are very helpful. There are hundreds of natural remedies to remove moles from your body. The best of all these natural remedies is that it can be attempted at home in a safer manner.


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