Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Love that is Healthy

Love that is Healthy, Love tends to mean exceptional for someone. Exquisite taste by those who live in the embrace of love, but can also be incredibly painful for those who feel betrayed or disappointed by love. Whether it's for parents, children, the opposite sex (partner), and others, love is indeed remarkable.
A professor of Clinical Psychology of the Faculty of Psychology Gadjah Mada University who has been traveling in various parts of the world to teach, Prof. Yohana E Prawitasari, in a workshop psychology reveals, "What is really needed by everyone? Basically in this life that are needed by every person is love. "

The expression above may seem melancholy. a psychology professor who did not declare something different to the artists? Yes, it's no different with the artists. Empirically, psychologists have found that to be mentally healthy, a person needs is love. Moreover, with transcendence, we can find a universal truth that indeed we are to live from love, live by love, and also to love.

Viktor Frankl, a psychiatrist who works incredible history and amazing, in his book Man's Search for Meaning said: "A mind changed me: For the first time in my life, I realized the truth in the poem most poets, policy experts think the final. The truth that love is the main goal and the highest attainable human. Then, I caught the biggest secrets of the circular meaning in poetry, in thought and confidence men, the salvation of humanity is obtained through love and in love. "

A psychologist stated, Meninger, wrote: "Love heals. Love heals those who give love, and also those who received it. "

Here we learn about the love that heals, love that well, that is expressed by experts of psychology in the past.

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