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Quick Healthy Recipes for Grilled Salmon.

Quick Healthy Recipes for Grilled Salmon. posted by blogtopsite
Healthy food results in healthy body. This sentence at least applies for those who really care for what they are eating or preparing for their family. With certain techniques, preparing foods high in nutrition contents will not be problematic. To do this, make sure that all cooking appliances are in ready-to-use, in terms of their hygiene. For example, grill is a cooking set that is a usually used for preparing grilled fish or chicken. Therefore, always keep this set hygienic so you do not need extra time to clean your grill before starting cooking.

Healthy grilled Salmon is one of the quick healthy recipes, since easy to prepare and take less than thirty minutes. Cooking fish is an appropriate choice since it is low in fat and caloric content. Fish menu will not harm your family health. The first tips for preparing quick healthy recipes is getting the ready-to-use seasonings, such as tomato or chili sauces, sour cream or lemon juice, and parsley flakes through supermarkets or grocery store. However, never forget to see the expiration date on the package. Similarly, never use cooking oils that is rich in fat and calorie.

Before cooking the salmon, wash it thoroughly. Then put it onto the grill. Broiling the salmon usually takes less than 10 minutes. While waiting the fish until its flaky state, you can prepare either Tomato Salsa or Butter Sauce. However, since you plan to prepare healthy menu, it is recommended to prepare Tomato Salsa or so-called tomato sauce. Preparing tomato sauce is very simple. You just need a quarter cup of olive oil, few sliced green olives, one or two chopped tomatoes, parsley flakes and fresh lemon juice, or according to your own or your family taste. Then, stir them together. Within less then 30 minutes, the grilled salmon and the tomato sauce are ready to serve.

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  1. great recipe, but for the sauce i would use a wood spoon


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