Friday, June 13, 2014

recipes for heart health

recipes for heart health, medical prescription this time was, like where the heart healthy way. all people, would have wanted, have a healthy heart. therefore, many people are willing to spend money for health.

recipe for maintaining a healthy heart, really easy, if we want to do it continuously, for example water, when we consume water, at least five glasses per day, then that's enough to, maintain a healthy heart.
drinking water will be absorbed into the bloodstream, it can reduce the thickness of the murder complaining of blood, so the risk of heart attack that triggered a blood clot would be reduced. Conversely other beverages will thicken the blood vessels, the article after the digested material will contain the same concentration in blood.
Would you have a healthy heart? start from now, make it a habit to drink water, at least five glasses a day. your heart to care, to go live healthy and happy.
good luck, good luck.


  1. yeah... better start from now.. :) thnx for sharing :)

  2. Nice sharing !
    Yuph, we have nothing to loose to do that, heve we?
    btw. let me follow this blog. Good luck !


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