Wednesday, June 4, 2014

how to develop creativity

how to develop creativity
how to develop creativity
Scribbling with crayons is a very satisfying activity for many children. Glue the paper on the pedestal table, floor, or other reasons for not shifting when dicoreti paper, and crayons as soon get rid of crayon misused to strike out parts that should not be crossed out or if the infant insert crayon in his mouth, this will help them to use it correctly. Do not let them use a pencil and pen, except under strict supervision, because sharp edges can be dangerous. Painting with the fingers can be fun for some children, but there are also children who are not happy with the hand that 'contaminated' cat. Although hand washing can show the child that dirty is only temporary, some children still do not want to use the material. Toys that music can also be enjoyable. Babies can also learn to improve his musical ability, for example by hitting wooden or metal spoon in the pot, if you give an example first.

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