Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Differences milk and infant formula

Differences milk and infant formula, indeed hard choices when it must decide whether to choose breast milk or formula as the main milk our babies.
Indeed, as parents we are obligated to provide the best milk for our babies, but did not always able to give exclusive breastfeeding up to 2 years due to several reasons either because of work or physical reasons or cessation of milk production.
Well, to understand the differences in breast milk and infant formula we would have to see the contents of each milk to make known what is best for our babies. Ingredients in breast milk

1. Fat
Fat is essential in providing energy intake to the infant, and also helps babies to regulate their body temperature.
There are two kinds of fat that is contained in breast milk that is fat and linoleic acid linoleic Alda which will be processed by the body into a predominantly AA and DHA helps brain growth in infants.
2. Lactose
Lactose role in developing nervous system as well as energy intake for the baby to indulge. Lactose will dioleh by the body into galactose and glucose as the main ingredient of nerve growth.
3. Oligosaccharide
Oligosaccharide is a bioactive material that is contained in breast milk that has a function as prebiotics, these substances can increase the amount of good bacteria that live in the digestive baby naturally.
4. Protein
Proteins are the main substances in the formation of a baby's brain structure so as to increase the intelligence of babies.

In the milk formula you may well find similar substances, but not all can you find such oligosaccharide which contained only in mother's milk.

Infant formula milk can not substitute perfectly for some breast milk can not be replaced by formula.
Another difference seen from the obvious economic spectacles, with the milk we do not need to spend money to buy infant formula and baby bottles.

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