Wednesday, June 4, 2014

how to Reduce Fat in Food

how to Reduce Fat in Food,Food is a need that is not possible at the left, but some people are afraid that if eating too much fat will cause loss.
For those of you who include food enthusiast, stopped eating could be an activity that you can not do. If you're afraid of getting fat because of eating too many carbohydrates or likes to eat a snack, then reduce the fat in food is one solution that can be done.

Here are some things you can do to reduce fat in your diet:

* . Avoid frying or cooking with margarine.
* . Discard the fat or skin in the gravy.
* . Use a cheese or low-fat milk.
* . Replace snacks with fruit, or ice cream with yogurt.

Do eat smart way:

* . Eat three times a day regularly. At breakfast, avoid snacking.
* Start with vegetables or low-fat soup.
* . Use a smaller plate.
* . Clean the table after meals.
* . Do not eat in a hurry, stop eating before you are full.
* . Cut sweet, snacks, and fast food

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