Friday, June 13, 2014

health recipes, food as medicine.

health recipes, food as medicine. There may be some of us who do not know about food as medicine. health recipes here will write a list of food as medicine:

  • Ginger: Ginger can reduce Inflammation and Pain Pain.
  • Fish: Eat Fish. Ate some fish, especially oily fish can prevent headaches.
  • Tea: Tea is able to prevent the formation of fat deposits on the walls of the artery tissue through the consumption of regular doses of tea (Actually, tea, suppress appetite and keep weight gain. And can prevent a stroke.
  • Honey: for the disturbed sleep (insomnia), have a drink with honey, can also be used as a sedative.
  • Yogurt: by consuming yogurt, your fever will soon fall.
  • Broccoli: to balance blood sugar.
  • Strawberry: a fruit protector. Strawberry has the highest total antioxidant among the many types of fruit and protects the body from cancer-causing, that works to free radicals in blood vessel blockage.
  • Oranges: can keep away from the flu, lower cholesterol, prevent and dissolve kidney stones as well as reduce the risk of colon cancer.
  • Melon: thirsty most cold lozenges. Containing 92% water, is also packed with a large dose of glutathione which encourage the immune system.
  • Red Guava and Papaya: This fruit is obtained the highest award for the vitamin C they contain. They obviously a winner for its vitamin C content. Red Guava is also rich in fiber which helps prevent constipation.
good luck, hopefully.

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