Wednesday, June 4, 2014

benefit strawberries fruit

The price is relatively expensive to make strawberry into fruit favored elite. Is that why strawberry is the fruit of love? Since then the fruit is to be famous.

This type of strawberry is also the first time into Indonesia. The red color in ripe strawberries are very reasonable. And you are right! Strawberry fruit keep nutrients extraordinary.
Want to know the efficacy of strawberries?
3. Strawberry is able to reduce symptoms of stroke.
4. Strawberry contains an anti-allergic and anti-inflammation.
6. Strawberry is rich in vitamin C is very beneficial for growing children.
8. Strawberries are eaten regularly can smooth the skin and make skin color look brighter and cleaner.
Because of that, try eating fresh strawberries.
Be careful to keep this fruit, since strawberries have started to decay can spread very quickly to the other strawberry stored together.
With so many uses strawberries, rest assured that it is suitable fruit called fruit of love.

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