About HRI

HRI means Healthy Recipes with Ian, Truly my name is Muhiyana, but my friends usually called me just "Ian". HRI created by me to collect all information about Healthy Recipes, Today, we fell so hard to create menu as Healthy Ideas, so HRI come to give you more information about it, of course it's for my Healthy Recipes, for My Family, for all of my friens and for you !! all reader of HRI blog.

If you have any question about my articles, you can send your email or comment on my post, i would to say Thanks you for all of my friends who has help me to build this blog and support. Your comment is soul for this blog, so keep in touch with HRI..

Thanks for coming and don't forget to leave your opinion...
Bye bye..

Regards :
Muhiyana (Ian)
HRI blog Admin and creator
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