Monday, August 25, 2014

healthy way to sleep

healthy way to sleep.pain in the neck and back, maybe you often experience it when I wake up, and it happened because of your sleeping position is wrong. Try the following tips so that you do not feel pain in the neck and back.
which need to be noticed is, not just a pillow and a sleeping position, but also healthy food, is very influential on health than sleep,that consider your food, it's perfect or not.
avoid foods or drinks that make us so difficult to sleep, set your monitor's light, or light your room, do not be too bright, because it can tire your eyes, so hard to sleep. There are several ways to further healthy sleep, with sleep position is good and true:
  • sleeping sideways: put the pillow, between the two knees, add a rolled towel under waist.Cara this will help ease tension in the joints of the spine.
  • sleep on her back: this method is similar to the way the above, except that only the position only.
  • sleeping face down: for this one, put a pillow under your pelvis us. and towel rolls, in place at the ankles, this way, very good to reduce pain.
  • For the bed to change, improve our health as optimal contour of the spine may be a way to improve the position of the adjusted cushion to the starting position every time we awake to sleep.

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  1. It is important to know how important to take right sleep.


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