Monday, August 25, 2014

healthy food recipes for a healthy body.

healthy food recipes for a healthy body. This time, I'll try to write, some list of healthy foods. as we know, that a healthy and nutritious food, can increase endurance. Therefore, we must be observant, in choosing the food we eat. such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and of course have to fish through the still fresh. before we process them, we have to wash it first, so that chemicals are still attached, can be directly lost.
following some list of healthy foods:
  1. Broccoli is a vegetable that can remove toxins from the heart.
  2. coffee and green tea: coffee and tea contain many number one disease preventative antioxidants.
  3. eggs: eggs are a source of protein. besides the price is cheap, and easy on the can.
  4. dark chocolate: healthy food is included.
  5. Fresh fruit: a healthy natural sugar for the body.
in addition to the above list of healthy foods, there are many more other useful healthy food.
OK, for now maybe that's all I have written. Hopefully helpful, in siflin in food, to go live healthy.

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