Friday, June 13, 2014

prescription high blood pressure.

prescription high blood pressure, most people think that, high blood pressure, a lot happen to people who are old. but now too many young people who experience high blood ill. This is caused because of lack of control on diet, stress, paktor environmental and personal problems.
in fact, many kinds of high blood drugs, but not all people do not know, the material was accessible. for the opportunity this time I'll try to write some material, and hopefully this article can help ease your pain of high blood.

the first is garlic:
Take 3 seed garlic is old, easy way, garlic is eaten raw, garlic can control your blood until your blood to normal.

The second is a star fruit:
take that garbage is a big star fruit and not too ripe, then puree and squeeze as much water to take a drink a glass every morning.

third is the turmeric:
acid mixed with black, add brown sugar and half a cup of warm water, the drinking two times a day.

The fourth is coriander:
take one tablespoon coriander dissolve in water and in drinking one glass per day.
good luck, hopefully to help you reduce your pain.
good luck.

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  1. di ajar komen....sugan kabagean bawang bodasna xixiix....


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