Friday, June 13, 2014

healthy breakfast recipes.

healthy breakfast recipes.
This time I will write about, the importance of a healthy breakfast. all housewives know that breakfast is very important, but most mothers make only modest or simple, which is important to have breakfast.
whereas a healthy breakfast, strongly support the child's physical and concentration while studying or working. with adequate nutrient intake at breakfast, working power of the brain would be optimal. thus a healthy breakfast should be at the combine numbers.
make a complete menu that is rich in nutrients and vitamins are adequate.
  • create an inviting taste for breakfast.
  • create a way that is easy and quick, but do not reduce nutrient intake.
  • create a diverse breakfast, do not let each day is only one kind.
  • The last, try to provide always, fresh fruits, to help the metabolism of food in the body, the enzyme content in fruit can help the process of digestion in the stomach.

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