Friday, June 13, 2014

prescribe burn 1,200 calories every day

prescribe burn 1,200 calories every day. only with, changing the habits of everyday life, in every routine, you are able, to burn 1200 calories in the body.
some health recipes below, maybe you can do.

  • moderate exercise for 90 minutes per day. normally, the body fat, calorie-flammable.
  • Make yourself more mobile on the sidelines of a routine. example: use the stairs, for ascending and descending in your office, or when I'm at home, take grass shears, and try, cut the grass in the park.
  • Combine your own type of activity can burn up to 1200 calories per day. Suppose burn 400 calories by walking to the office. A total of 400 caught fire as you climb again
  • stairs, and 400 calories when walking toward the machine.
  • when we are restless movement, movements that can burn calories, for example, rotating the head, because of sore, or rotate the feet and hands, or the other.
if you are able to do all that, it will burn 1200 calories in your body.
good luck, good luck.

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  1. Informasi yang bagus, Lanjutkan.....


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