Friday, June 13, 2014

facial skin care recipes with food.

facial skin care recipes with food. This recipe is one you shall do, for what? because the skin of the face is foremost in your appearance. facial skin care, not just with facial, because it is very sensitive facial skin, facial skin therefore, need more nutrients, in comparison with other body skin.
facial skin care recipes with food, very easy and inexpensive, provided we do it routinely and regularly, then all that we expect will be achieved perfectly.

okay just the prescription:
  1. fish or eggs, these foods contain, and omega 3 fatty acids, for his puncture, moisturize and strengthen skin tissue,
  2. green tea, these beverages, containing antioxidant that had to puncture, or detain to prevent skin from wrinkles,
  3. broccoli, vegetables contain, vitamin A, C and K, which was to puncture, maintain healthy skin,
  4. sunflower oil, contain fatty acids and omega 6, puncture him to, maintain skin smoothness,
  5. almonds, which contains vitamin E, which keeps the skin's youthfulness, and keep the skin is not dry.
facial beauty is the main capital in appearance, so to care of the skin, with the recipe above.
good luck, hope you stay young.

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