Friday, June 13, 2014

prescription cure diarrhea

prescription cure diarrhea. diarrhea is a disease that often in naturally by us, the cause is, the less food that is clean, or spicy foods, thus causing the digestive setabil not defecate so disorganized and sloppy. below are a few tips to resolve diarrhea.

1. Drinking a lot of White Water

Frequently drink water that much because of the frequent bowel movements, the body loses a lot of liquid that must always be replaced with new fluid. CHAPTER drink after every one or two glasses of water or mineral water is clean and cooked.

Drink rehydration salts which is a sugar solution to help resist the formation of energy and diarrhea / defecate after a discharged Chapter. Avoid drinking coffee, tea, etc. are all able to stimulate gastric acid.

2. Eat Special Foods

Avoid eating fibrous foods such as gelatin, vegetable and fruit because fibrous foods will only prolong the diarrhea. Fibrous food is only good for patients with difficult defecation.

For patients with diarrhea should eat foods low in fiber dah such subtle lemes rice porridge or rice with salted egg toppings. Here, the rice will become sugar to provide energy, while the salted egg protein and salt will give to withstand diarrhea and as a body builder substances. Avoid eating foods outside the indiscriminate and spicy foods containing chillies and pepper.
3. Drinking Drugs With the Right Dose

There's a good idea to consult with your doctor and ask for the right medicine for you, because everyone has their own characteristics in the selection of drugs. Hospitals, physician practice, clinic or other appropriate clinics Health Department permit is the right choice because it has a good doctor with good medicine, too. If you are in doubt just go to another doctor to get more information.
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