Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Dental health of children

Dental health of children is very important guarded early. Not only useful in everyday life but also to prevent tooth decay that can lead to various diseases. The following tips prevent damage to your child's teeth;

* Begin brushing your child's teeth from an early age

* Brush your child's teeth and gums regularly 2 times a day with toothpaste containing fluoride to avoid the formation of plaque

* Set of toothbrush is as one of the essential daily needs

* Give children a good example and let them see how we clean the teeth and take a toothbrush with a toothbrush encourages kids diligent

* Give the child's understanding about the benefits but try not to brush your teeth with a way to scare children
* Create a child brushing activity is fun

* Do not give up if the child reluctantly brushes, continues to consistently take 2 times a day

* Give praise to him after completing the task. This will make the children happy toothbrush

* Involve children when buying and choosing brush and tooth paste and in accordance with the preferred size,.

* Create a child is easier to see the technique to brush his teeth right or wrong, put a mirror in the bathroom

* Give children a healthy diet containing adequate sources of calcium such as fresh fruit, vegetables, meat and milk.

* Get used to direct the child if the child's toothbrush just eat sweet foods that can be attached to the teeth

* Make snacks are usually preferred by children such as chocolate and candy that could damage children's teeth only once a week only.

* Parents should supervise brushing activity is served until children aged 7-8 years. Even after then, we also continue to monitor what kids are still reluctant to brushing his teeth.

* Familiarize your child's teeth checked at least 2 times a year medicine

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