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fruit juice drinks, healthy recipes honey and spices

fruit juice drinks, healthy recipes honey and spices., we sometimes do not know, the state of our children's stamina, because of a busy day at work, our children may not realize that their stamina is reduced.
to overcome them we have made of fruit juice, honey and spices.
Bh * 1 pineapple, peeled, cut into pieces
Bh * 2 kiwi, peeled
* 250 ml orange juice sweet
Water spices:

* 20 gr kencur, thinly sliced
* 20 grams of ginger, thinly sliced
* 20 g temu lawak, thinly sliced
* 500 water
* 5 tablespoons honey
* Ice cubes to taste

1. Kaempferia galanga, ginger, temu lawak boiled until water live 200 cc. Filter. Add honey, stir well.
2. Prepare a blender, put pineapple, kiwi, orange water, and water and spices, puree.
3. Prepare a glass of ice cubes give sufficiently, pour the juice and decorate with mint leaves and red cherry.
4. Serve cold.

Serves 4

Nutritional value
Energy: 117 Cal
Protein: 1.1 gr
Fat: 0.4 grams
Carbohydrates: 30.5 grams
good luck and enjoy, hopefully useful.

food recipes to increase your stamina

food recipes to increase your stamina.“Mini Sandwich”., This recipe is a "mini-sandwich". I'm sure you know that excess cholesterol is a problem, for your health, so it does not hurt you to try these recipes as non-cholesterol. hygiene is a must, and health can be achieved by, sports and start with a healthy diet, healthy eating is food that is nutritious and contains enough vitamins
OK, I just make the recipe, in the beginning with the materials,

1 / 4 onion, diced

* 1 / 2 large stalks celery, thinly sliced

* 1 / 4 red apples cut into small dice

* 75 gr mayonnaise sauce

* Leaf parsley as garnish
4 slices of bread wheat

* 200 g boiled chicken fillet (cut into small dice)

* 5 pieces of leaf lettuce, sliced according to taste

* 4 cherry tomatoes
how to make:
1. Chicken salad Mix all ingredients, inputs into the container.

2. Pour sauce into a bowl of low-cholesterol mayonnaise.

3. Cut corn bread into 4 sections in the form of a triangle that forms the Mini Sandwich.

Do the same on the next sheet. Good in containers with leaf peterselli.

4. Breakfast time, enter the salad ingredients into the bread.

5. Ready to be enjoyed.
good luck and enjoy, I am sure you like it.

prescription to stop smoking

prescription to stop smoking., smoking is a daunting problem, just imagine the danger of smoking is: can cause cancer, heart attacks, impotence and disorders of pregnancy and the fetus.

We know how difficult it is to stop smoking, especially heavy smokers. so it should be overcome as where, maybe if smokers can light by giving the motivation or the like, which can divert attention to cigarettes, such as looking busy and others.

For heavy smokers, perhaps only with the drug and consult a doctor, just ask what the medicine that causes a bitter taste if smoked, and the process must be long, because epek from smoking is a habit, addiction, addiction is very difficult to avoid.

This may be an easy trick to avoid smoking, for example, do not provide the cigarettes in your shirt pocket, or in the drawer of the office where you work.
Try the recipe above, hopefully useful to you. good luck, good luck.

prescription diet with soy milk

prescription diet with soy milk., you know the benefits of soy milk? besides containing phytoestrogens, soy milk, too, can be drunk by anyone, not become fat. soy bean milk is milk that is not in doubt, nutrient level, and very good for women.

many people who can not drink cow's milk, for various reasons, such as allergies, lactose intolerance, or because of economic factors. nutritional value of soy milk do not
is cow's milk.
Soy milk is highly nutritious beverage which was initially developed in China. for those of you who like dieting, it's better to drink soy milk, because it will not cause obesity. Soy milk is also very low fat content, compared with cow's milk. Fat in soy milk can not cause obesity because most are in the form of unsaturated fatty acids.

soy carbohydrate in milk is 12-14 per cent which can be used as biological body. consisting of oligosaccharides and polysakarida group, composed of oligosaccharide raffinosa stakiosa and soluble in water, whereas erabinogalaktan group consisting of polysaccharides and cellulosic materials which are insoluble in water, and can not be digested.

vitamin content in soy milk are: vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin E and vitamin K.
start from now, living a healthy drink soy milk.

presents recipes drink tea, to be more healthy.

presents recipes drink tea, to be more healthy., you know the benefits of green tea or black tea? benefits are: to refresh the body and calm the mind.
presents a recipe for good tea beverages is as follows:
  • use boiling water , because tea requires oxygen, remember the freshness of the water affects the freshness of the tea itself.
  • use temperature gauges, temperature 82-87 degrees Centigrade, it boils water mark. means the water is ready for brewing black tea.
  • dosing brewing: one teaspoon of powder, equal to, 3 grams. and boiling water that is required is 150-200 ml.
  • brewing time: brewing tea only need 3-4 minutes, and only for one time every three grams of tea brewing.
If you prefer to use sugar, you should not too sweet, because it will relieve itself of tea, and tea can be mixed with milk, ginger, lime and even lemon grass.
Tea store in a dry and dark place, to maintain the freshness of the tea earlier. Good luck and enjoy the TEA DRINK HEALTHY RECIPES.

not to eat fruit recipe old quickly

not to eat fruit recipe old quickly. Have you, to consume fruits correctly? make it a habit to consume 10 servings of fruit every day. if not, at least get close to 10 servings, if you are already familiar, then you will get smoother and younger skin.
In addition to sources of vitamins, fruit also contains high antioxidants. now you try to start eating fruit, differently, from a sense of color and type of fruit. obtain optimal benefits from antioxidants.

Benefit from, this antioxidant is, can counteract free radicals, it was only from one dye only, the  puncture ward, a variety of diseases. skin will be more fresh, younger look. Eat fruit with 10 types of fruit, 10 kinds of colors, and 10 different servings each day. I am sure you will be able to do it, good luck.

healthy way to sleep

healthy way to sleep.pain in the neck and back, maybe you often experience it when I wake up, and it happened because of your sleeping position is wrong. Try the following tips so that you do not feel pain in the neck and back.
which need to be noticed is, not just a pillow and a sleeping position, but also healthy food, is very influential on health than sleep,that consider your food, it's perfect or not.
avoid foods or drinks that make us so difficult to sleep, set your monitor's light, or light your room, do not be too bright, because it can tire your eyes, so hard to sleep. There are several ways to further healthy sleep, with sleep position is good and true:
  • sleeping sideways: put the pillow, between the two knees, add a rolled towel under waist.Cara this will help ease tension in the joints of the spine.
  • sleep on her back: this method is similar to the way the above, except that only the position only.
  • sleeping face down: for this one, put a pillow under your pelvis us. and towel rolls, in place at the ankles, this way, very good to reduce pain.
  • For the bed to change, improve our health as optimal contour of the spine may be a way to improve the position of the adjusted cushion to the starting position every time we awake to sleep.

Healthy foods for diet

Healthy foods for diet. we know that the diet was very difficult, and torturing yourself. even some people have failed diet. why can fail? because in addition to hard to do it, a diet that does not need to cost a little.
For example, a lot, for dietary health products, they are also not cheap. other than expensive, Of course drain your energy and time.
for those of you who do not have time to diet, I suggest, to consume
some food below:

  • yogurt can reduce your weight because, yogurt can suppress hunger by keeping blood sugar levels remain stable.
  • peppers increase metabolism, apsaicin have thermogenic effects, ie, making the body burn extra calories during 20 minutes after eating cabai.apsaicin is a substance contained in chillies.
  • Beef, beef was able to reduce your weight.
  • eggs, eggs help you trim a few inches more.
  • Apples, eating one apple a day can lower your weight, because apples contain high fiber, 4 to 5 grams, which will make you more full.
and many more foods that make you slimmer, it's because there are substances in foods, can reduce hunger.
good luck

healthy drink recipes

healthy drink recipes. There are several ways, maintaining health. but most people do not know, for example danger softdrink consumption. we do not realize that the soft drinks, there are several chemicals that harm health.
many reasons, to not drink softdrink, even if you can not drink it.
below which some adverse health softdrink properties:

  • softdrink acidic, so dafat fade existing substances in the wrapper.
  • softdrink does not eliminate the sense of thirst, can even spend the fluids in the body.
  • softdrink deplete body fluids.
  • softdrink not treat thirst, it will feel less thirsty even if we drink softdrink.

so my advice, reduce or stop drinking softdrink, start living healthier, with a more natural, white water, for example, badly needed by the body, so think again, what you eat is really healthy? or simply delights you were looking for? not all that tasty healthy food. choose a really natural. hopefully healthy always.

healthy food recipes for a healthy body.

healthy food recipes for a healthy body. This time, I'll try to write, some list of healthy foods. as we know, that a healthy and nutritious food, can increase endurance. Therefore, we must be observant, in choosing the food we eat. such as fresh vegetables, fresh fruits and of course have to fish through the still fresh. before we process them, we have to wash it first, so that chemicals are still attached, can be directly lost.
following some list of healthy foods:
  1. Broccoli is a vegetable that can remove toxins from the heart.
  2. coffee and green tea: coffee and tea contain many number one disease preventative antioxidants.
  3. eggs: eggs are a source of protein. besides the price is cheap, and easy on the can.
  4. dark chocolate: healthy food is included.
  5. Fresh fruit: a healthy natural sugar for the body.
in addition to the above list of healthy foods, there are many more other useful healthy food.
OK, for now maybe that's all I have written. Hopefully helpful, in siflin in food, to go live healthy.
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