Friday, June 13, 2014

plek eliminate prescription black

plek eliminate prescription black. we return to the care around the face, black or black spots plek scars, your appearance must be very disturbing. now there is the recipe. other than fruits, vegetables also proved very useful for facial skin care, such as corn. some people, maybe corn just ordinary food, but beyond that, it turns out corn is very good for skin care advances.
There are several ways to eliminate black spots the scar on his face. plek eliminate prescription black with corn as a mask.

  1. Young Corn: Prepare corn and select your purchase and then peeled from the skin and hair is cleaned and washed her hair and then in grated.
  2. Papaya Leaf: After the grated corn, prepare sufficiently and mashed papaya until smooth.
  3. Mix: After two materials has been prepared, mix grated young corn leaves to the collision and then stir until blended papaya.
  4. Apply: After mixing the corn and the collision leaves grated papaya, you apply the mixture directly on the acne spots or scars that interfere with smallpox. Do these things every day to get maximum results.
Now mask the young corn, ready in use. good luck, good luck.


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