Monday, August 25, 2014

healthy drink recipes

healthy drink recipes. There are several ways, maintaining health. but most people do not know, for example danger softdrink consumption. we do not realize that the soft drinks, there are several chemicals that harm health.
many reasons, to not drink softdrink, even if you can not drink it.
below which some adverse health softdrink properties:

  • softdrink acidic, so dafat fade existing substances in the wrapper.
  • softdrink does not eliminate the sense of thirst, can even spend the fluids in the body.
  • softdrink deplete body fluids.
  • softdrink not treat thirst, it will feel less thirsty even if we drink softdrink.

so my advice, reduce or stop drinking softdrink, start living healthier, with a more natural, white water, for example, badly needed by the body, so think again, what you eat is really healthy? or simply delights you were looking for? not all that tasty healthy food. choose a really natural. hopefully healthy always.

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