Monday, August 25, 2014

Healthy foods for diet

Healthy foods for diet. we know that the diet was very difficult, and torturing yourself. even some people have failed diet. why can fail? because in addition to hard to do it, a diet that does not need to cost a little.
For example, a lot, for dietary health products, they are also not cheap. other than expensive, Of course drain your energy and time.
for those of you who do not have time to diet, I suggest, to consume
some food below:

  • yogurt can reduce your weight because, yogurt can suppress hunger by keeping blood sugar levels remain stable.
  • peppers increase metabolism, apsaicin have thermogenic effects, ie, making the body burn extra calories during 20 minutes after eating cabai.apsaicin is a substance contained in chillies.
  • Beef, beef was able to reduce your weight.
  • eggs, eggs help you trim a few inches more.
  • Apples, eating one apple a day can lower your weight, because apples contain high fiber, 4 to 5 grams, which will make you more full.
and many more foods that make you slimmer, it's because there are substances in foods, can reduce hunger.
good luck


  1. salam friend
    nice post
    I know healthy foods for diet, coz read your artcle.
    I like apple.
    thank for visit in Saudi Arabia.
    salam kenal juga mas Iyan.

  2. tampilan blognya cerah n healty hehe
    salam kenal dari pebisnis internet yg muncul kembali..

    yg pernah ikut bisnis tas, uang super, dsb mungkin kenal saya..



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