Monday, August 25, 2014

presents recipes drink tea, to be more healthy.

presents recipes drink tea, to be more healthy., you know the benefits of green tea or black tea? benefits are: to refresh the body and calm the mind.
presents a recipe for good tea beverages is as follows:
  • use boiling water , because tea requires oxygen, remember the freshness of the water affects the freshness of the tea itself.
  • use temperature gauges, temperature 82-87 degrees Centigrade, it boils water mark. means the water is ready for brewing black tea.
  • dosing brewing: one teaspoon of powder, equal to, 3 grams. and boiling water that is required is 150-200 ml.
  • brewing time: brewing tea only need 3-4 minutes, and only for one time every three grams of tea brewing.
If you prefer to use sugar, you should not too sweet, because it will relieve itself of tea, and tea can be mixed with milk, ginger, lime and even lemon grass.
Tea store in a dry and dark place, to maintain the freshness of the tea earlier. Good luck and enjoy the TEA DRINK HEALTHY RECIPES.

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