Saturday, July 10, 2010

Ian healthy recipes first post

This is my first post, why I made this blog? the answer is because I want to create a blog that is useful for everyone, we know that health is a very meaningful thing for us all, so, we must be able to maintain our health. Food is the beginning of everything for health, to get healthy food is easy, but many of us who do not want to make healthy dishes.
I tried to put together some healthy recipes, and I'll write it on this blog. I hope the writing on this blog could be useful for us all, I just wanted to remind some of the things
1. Look after your health as much as possible
2. Eat healthy food
3. Stay away from Morocco and alcohol
4. Exercise every day
5. Make healthy food recipes in your cooking menu

Let's start a healthy life ..

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Muhiyana (Ian)

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